How do our children learn within Early Years?

We believe children are active learners, curious to explore and discover with an amazing drive to learn.

Our mission is to ensure all children have equal opportunity to access our learning environment through a child-centered approach, which promotes the children’s development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence.


The children have opportunities to engage in free-flow play as well as experiencing a wide variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Teachers build on children’s knowledge and experiences, and provide opportunities for progression, extension and challenge. Allowing children to develop positive dispositions which lay the foundations for becoming lifelong successful learners.


Each day every child within our early year’s provision takes part in an adult focus activity for both Phonics and Maths. The activities are varied and create interesting new experiences to stimulate learning alongside opportunities for children to revisit, practice or enjoy a sense of mastery or ‘can do’ attitudes.

Additional 15 hours (equaling 30 hours)