I just wanted you to know that I have just had a phone call from one of the residents for your Young Readers in genuine tears of happiness about her phone call with one of your children this morning.   She cannot wait for  next week. 

This resident has had some difficult things going on in her world , and this morning this has brought her so much joy - never underestimate the effect of what you do !

Thank you so much Young Reader

June 2020

Your choir exceeded my expectations, they were truly delightful in the way they confidently presented themselves and sang joyfully whilst doing the actions at the same time. I was so proud as I knew some of the children and parents. Also, a huge well done to the music teacher who was absolutely charming with the children, they were so well behaved . They followed her instructions and it was evident they have a very good relationship with her.

June 2019

I came to see the Y6 class play recently and and absolutely loved it.  It was very well done and everyone took part.  It looked like both the children and staff were really enjoying themselves

May 2019

St John's swim team demonstrated a passion and commitment which was a joy to observe. Their team spirit was tangible and many of them displayed real potential for future development in the sport.  In addition, I was delighted to award the Referee's Choice award to your team Congratulations. I hope your swim team goes from strength to strength.

Very best wishes

British Swimming Referee

June 2019

I was invited to see my granddaughter in the Christmas service that was held at St John's church.  I though it was a lovely sight with the older children accompanying the younger children in and out of the church.  I was very impressed with the children singing and the service they gave.  


January 2019

I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to work with your pupils and the children from the visiting schools.


I think the writing workshops and assembly went very well. I found the children keen and focused and we had some great discussion and writing.


Author Cath Howe

21 January 2020

You are truly amazing in the way you have nurtured the Nursery children - their behaviour was impeccable - on the bus, in the workshop, at lunch and out and about in the grounds and glasshouses. It was such a joy to be with them and to share in their enjoyment of new experiences. 

Mary - January 2020

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