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We would like to send a huge thank you to Mrs Lee. My child, understandably, has been really anxious about his SATs this week. He’s never one to eat much of a morning, especially when feeling a little nervous. Each morning this week he has hopped, skipped and jumped to school (40 mins earlier than normal)! He has raved about the breakfasts and it has made a world of difference - what a lovely idea for the children to be able to get together and cheer each other on each day.

I honestly think this has eased my son’s week!

May 2024

The Chairman and Trustees (of the QMRW) were absolutely delighted with the number of children that came to our service of Remembrance this year, it being on Saturday.   We consider them as a very important part of our Remembrance Service now.

Debbie and Paul at The Memorial Gardens

November 2023

Dear Mrs Fyson and all the year 6 team. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their amazing efforts to make Award evening special for all the year 6 children. My son had a wonderful time as did I as a proud parent! The production was brilliant! The awards were so well selected for each child. My son's time at St John’s has been very special and he cannot wait for the Isle of Wight residential.

A huge thank you to everyone who made their night special, without you all it would not be possible. 

Thank you very much for having us this morning, we really enjoyed meeting the class, they engaged brilliantly with the session. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Swayer for helping with the children!

HJP Chartered Financial Planners

We love having your Year 6 class and so do our Veterans they were very impressed with the poppy wreaths and the clear and confident way the poems were read and how beautifully the children sang.   It truly does make our Remembrance Service very special for all of us.

Debbie at The Memorial Gardens

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your amazing teachers that taught, nurtured and supported my child at St John's.

I wanted to say a massive thank you for taking your time out to walk my daughter to school today.  Truly you went above and beyond and it is incredible!

So inspiring to see the children so focused on their learning, all the opportunities they are being given, and the leadership you are providing Jacky. So clear that all of you are working to a joint mission of making sure all St John’s children are given the best education and support available. St John’s really does epitomise School Inclusion at its best. The links with the Goodwyn’s Estate Community through the Harvest Church and all the other community initiatives are exceptional, we really do need a diagram to picture just how many there are, and how they connect up!

Lady Louise


It was my absolute privilege to visit you today and I was so impressed by all I saw this morning. Your complete dedication shone through at every turn and the way you have managed to connect all different aspects of the local community is an enormous achievement. 

The community cafe, food distribution services, teachers and all the children were quite inspirational and provide living proof that community and school inclusion are possible in even potentially difficult circumstances. 

Louise, thank you for arranging the visit and. to each and every one of you thank you for all you do for your communities. 

High Sheriff of Surrey

I will always be grateful for the school's nurturing environment and excellent education standards.​

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in recent music project ‘Let my colours shine’.
We were amazed to hear the song, and very emotional that children expressed their feelings and told us the story of recent very challenging year seen with their eyes. We can all relate to this.

We are truly touched by this project and proud of all kids.



I was incredibly impressed by the effort and support given by St John’s during the time that children had to carry out online learning. The breadth of learning available on Google Classroom from the school, and the ease with which children and parents could access it and ask for help was wonderful and took a lot of pressure off of parents and children alike. 

Every lesson was laid out in detail both on timetables and in an easy to use stream, plus additional learning opportunities were provided to children wanting to carry them out. We also felt part of the school community still with assemblies being available and live lessons being carried out alongside the lessons in the school classroom.

After speaking to parents with children at other primary schools in the area, it seems that St John’s went far and above what many other schools provided.

Thank you to everyone at St John’s for making this difficult time that much easier to deal with.


Just wanted to let you know that the girls are absolutely loving forest schools. I don’t think I would have wanted to be outside yesterday, but they had an absolutely brilliant time and haven’t stopped talking about it.

That is such a wonderful and encouraging report. I can’t wait to show my son later!  Thank you all so much for the encouragement and the welcoming in my my son into your school. 

I just wanted you to know that I have just had a phone call from one of the residents for your Young Readers in genuine tears of happiness about her phone call with one of your children this morning.   She cannot wait for  next week. 

This resident has had some difficult things going on in her world , and this morning this has brought her so much joy - never underestimate the effect of what you do !

Thank you so much Young Reader

Your choir exceeded my expectations, they were truly delightful in the way they confidently presented themselves and sang joyfully whilst doing the actions at the same time. I was so proud as I knew some of the children and parents. Also, a huge well done to the music teacher who was absolutely charming with the children, they were so well behaved . They followed her instructions and it was evident they have a very good relationship with her.

I came to see the Y6 class play recently and and absolutely loved it.  It was very well done and everyone took part.  It looked like both the children and staff were really enjoying themselves

St John's swim team demonstrated a passion and commitment which was a joy to observe. Their team spirit was tangible and many of them displayed real potential for future development in the sport.  In addition, I was delighted to award the Referee's Choice award to your team Congratulations. I hope your swim team goes from strength to strength.

Very best wishes

British Swimming Referee

I was invited to see my granddaughter in the Christmas service that was held at St John's church.  I though it was a lovely sight with the older children accompanying the younger children in and out of the church.  I was very impressed with the children singing and the service they gave.  


I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to work with your pupils and the children from the visiting schools.


I think the writing workshops and assembly went very well. I found the children keen and focused and we had some great discussion and writing.


Author Cath Howe

You are truly amazing in the way you have nurtured the Nursery children - their behaviour was impeccable - on the bus, in the workshop, at lunch and out and about in the grounds and glasshouses. It was such a joy to be with them and to share in their enjoyment of new experiences. 

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