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Local Governing Committee

The Local Governing Commitee can be contacted via the school office by phone on 01306 884506 or email at

School Local Governing Commitee

School Local Governing Committee are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.  The Local Governing Commitee are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards.  The Local Governing Committee are a committee of the Trust board. The role of the governing committee is crucial to the effectiveness of a school. (National Governors Association)

The Local Governing Commitee at St John's C of E Primary School are a highly effective, committed group of people who offer support and challenge as part of the effective leadership of the school.  Our role is to oversee the way that the school is run, ensuring that the children get the best education possible and fulfils all statutory responsibilities.

The key functions of the Local Governing Committee are to:

  • agree the aims and objectives for the school;

  • set the policies to achieve those objectives;

  • set challenging but realistic targets for teaching and monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making;

  • be a source of challenge and support to the head teacher (acting as a ‘critical friend’).

The Local Governing Committee receive regular reports on standards and teaching – and monitor progress data, they visit the school regularly – covering all classes – to monitor progress and identify any issues and provide an oversight and agree the budget of the school.

The head teacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and working to the objectives agreed by the Local Governing Commitee. The Local Governing Committeeprovides the framework within which he and his staff work.


At St John's  there are two committees that look at different areas of the school –General Purpose and Finance  & Teaching and Learning.  The Local Governing Committee are also responsible for the Nursery.  A meeting of all Committee members is held around every half term – with meetings of two other sub-committees held in between.  Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference are linked at the bottom of this page.

Full Governing Body

  • Receives reports from each committee (as below) to provide an overview of the work and direction of the school.

  • Monitors the Action Log which feeds into each meeting agenda.

  • Ratifies policies.

 The sub-committees are :

General Purpose and Finance

  • Provides, in collaboration with the Head, Deputy and staff, strategic direction and vision for the school.

  • Contributes, in collaboration with the Head, Deputy and staff, to establish, monitor and evaluate sections of the School Development Plan and all policies/plans/procedures relating to Leadership, Finance, Staffing and management of the school.

  • Keeps relevant sections of the School Self-Evaluation under review and updates as necessary.

  • Considers all aspects of financial management, including the budget and offers challenge where appropriate.

  • Holds school leadership to account for the performance management of staff and leadership of the curriculum.

Teaching and Learning

  • Audits, monitors and provides strategic direction to improve all aspects relating to the achievement and standards of the school and quality of provision.

  • Considers all policies relating to curriculum, assessment and safeguarding.

  • Reviews pupil progress data including of specific groups of children, for instance those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, those with additional needs and higher attaining children.

  • Reviews progress towards achievement of objectives in the strategic plan of the school.

 Pupils’ safety and wellbeing is a fundamental issue for all committee members to be aware of so is covered on every agenda of the full local governing committee.

David Draper
Chair of Local Governing Committee, Pay Committee, HT Performance Management, Pupil Premium and Sports Link Governor
Jacky Fyson
Teaching and Learning Committee, Pay Committee
Susan Naing
Vice Chair of Local Governing Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Pay Committee, English & Harmony Link Governor
Ben Colclough
Teaching and Learning Committee, Science, Computing, IT and History Link Governor
Ms Helen Burnett
Teaching and Learning Committee, Safeguarding Link Governor
Chris Rogers
Teaching and Learning Committee
St John's Church Vicar
Rev. Peter Nevins
Teaching and Learning Committee, Collective Worship & RE Link Governor
Vikas Bhanot
Teaching and Learning Committee
Jane Conway
Clerk to the Governors
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