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Virtual Learning Guide

Links from the above video:

To download Google Chrome

Maths No Problem

Bug Club

Times Table Rockstars

Doodle Maths


In light of current closures, we are delighted to be continuing the education of your children in our Virtual Classrooms in Google Classroom so that we can help your children to make progress in their learning in an enjoyable and meaningful way. 


Early Years Learning Platform


Our Early Years team are delivering daily educational activities through Tapestry, our Early Years online platform. A maths and phonics/English activity is published every day to support your child in working towards the Early Learning Goals. Each day please complete both a maths and phonics activity with your child and publish a photo of this learning on Tapestry. The teachers will then provide next steps and support. Miss Chapman is reading a book for the children on a daily basis and would like parents to continue reading your child’s book with them each night, to encourage your child to write in the diary each day and to use concrete materials such as, dry pasta, pebbles, buttons to support children with addition and math problems 


KS1 and KS2 Learning Platform


The following outlines our guidelines for KS1 and KS2


Signing in and Registration


Pupils can sign into Google Classroom using a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet or phone. They can do this by accessing Google and signing into their account using their username and password. They will then need to click on the nine dots at the top right and click ‘classroom’. The pupils can then click on their classroom where any work that has been set will be located.


There will be an expectation that the children reply to a message from their teacher, that will simply ask if they are ‘in school’ that day. This needs to be completed by 9am. If households are self isolating or children are too unwell to take part in learning, they are not expected to take part in the work however school will need to be notified as per usual protocol.


It is important we all maintain a routine. We ask that the Google Classroom learning follows similar expectations as being at school. Children should be suitably dressed (not in their pyjamas) and, especially when working via Google Meet (webcam) they need to be in a suitable room in the house, like the front room and not bedrooms. Set an expectation to shower, get dressed, do their hair and be on time as you normally would do on a school day.


Having and following a timetable will help structure the day. We need to work in a realistic and healthy way. It isn’t expected for teachers or children to be online, in front of a computer, all day. Being realistic, we know households may need to share computer time and therefore teachers will be setting up timetables for their class of the learning activities they can do on and off the computer. Learning breaks and lunch breaks will be factored into these timetables. Your teacher will set you challenges to do at the start of the day on a timetable. This will include a maths and English lesson in the morning, and harmony enquiry - topic/science/PE/art/DT/music/languages/PSHE or computing for later that day. 

To note, the timings in this are rough and it is not necessarily expected for children to be working the entirety of each session or to a specific schedule; this is to be adapted according to your family’s needs and situation.  This is meant to be used as a guide.


Other learning

We will also be encouraging a broad and balanced curriculum, with a focus on family time, so will offer a range of other learning that your children enjoy at St John’s on a day to day basis through the St John’s Whole School Curriculum Classroom under Classwork where you will find: Collective Worships, Celebration Assembly on a Friday, Mrs Lee’s Cookery and Healthy Eating Activities , St John’s Book Corner, Mrs Brown’s Get Active Area, RE, Vicky’s Forest Schools Activities and Mrs Fletcher’s Wellbeing Centre. 


Completing Work

Teachers, teaching assistants and intervention support teachers will be setting up manageable and age appropriate work for children to complete. This could be through a pre-recorded teaching video, through Google Meet (live teaching), through leaving an activity on the Google Classroom, suggesting a website to visit, suggesting an activity to do off the computer or completing work in the exercise books sent home. Children can upload their responses and work in the classroom area and teachers will give feedback.

Children have been given additional copies of their passwords for Google, Doodle Maths, TimesTables Rockstars and Active Learn (BugClub) , and we have just added Reading Pro, a fantastic library of books and comprehensions which will be shared with children. 


Safety and Professionalism


In order to protect children and staff, we have invested in the premium version of Google Meet which records the live sessions. Children, parents and staff are encouraged to continue our already-established personable, close and professional relationships. Communication to each other should be on the same level as if we were at school. Please do not email school staff directly for I.T issues or support with your child’s work. In KS1 parents can use their child’s account to ask a question on the Google Classroom Stream or privately message through an assignment that has been set for the child. In KS2, encourage your child to ask for support through the Google Classroom or private message through the work that has been set. If a parent/carer would like to contact their child’s teacher then this must be done through calling the school office who will relay the message. If your query is in regards to technological support or guidance. Our new  email is there if you need. 

Working together is important. As always, we are a school that serves and works with the local community. If you or anyone else needs support, please talk to us and we can put you in touch with the right help. 

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